0x finalized the Launch Kit for quick launch …

0x finalized Launch Kit for quick launch of exchanges and marketplaces

The developers of the 0x crypto project on Wednesday announced launch an updated version of the Launch Kit, designed to quickly launch exchanges and marketplaces on their protocol. According to the creators, the launch of platforms in the Launch Kit, the respective individual needs users, done in minutes with just one line of code.

0x finalized Launch Kit for quick launch ...

To take advantage of set of tools, enough fork the Launch Kit codebase and run her on AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, etc..

Launch Kit supports ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, market and limit orders, automated order validation, notifications order status, Dutch auctions for tokens ERC-721 standard (used, eg, in the CryptoKitties game), the standard relay API for transferring orders, cryptocurrency Wrapped ETH to make deals easier and everything Web3 wallets.

The first Launch Kit was released in November 2018 of the year. Since then, the developers have done a great volume work to improve the user interface of the toolbox solutions that allows quickly integrate them into finished products.

Fabrx and Rex Relay projects providing solutions to create a backend part based on the 0x protocol, we also intend to integrate these interfaces for end users. Thanks to this clients such services will be able to launch fully functional 0x-based marketplaces without any knowledge of the code.