8,000 South Korean stores will accept cryptocurrenciesLarge …

8,000 South Korean stores will accept cryptocurrencies

Major South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb and mobile payment service Pay concluded agreement aimed at then, to make cryptocurrencies available in thousands of outlets on the whole country.

how writes edition Korea Times, during the first half of the current of the year partners plan to expand their initiative to 6,000 and by the end of the year to 8,000 trade points. More addition to participate in this the initiative was signed already 200 brands; it will allow cryptocurrency owners to use the Pay platform to make cryptocurrency payments.

8,000 South Korean stores will accept cryptocurrenciesLarge ...

In the announcement, which the was published on Monday, Bithumb officially stated, that this initiative will help accelerate Adoption and the use of cryptocurrency payments among a wide the public.

“We are taking a huge step. We will work hard to to create the environment in which cryptocurrencies will be be used as widely as possible “, – says the announcement.

About two weeks ago, it became known that the South Korean Internet giant Kakao Corp, whose subsidiary company operates a large crypto exchange UpBit, gave possibility realize cryptocurrency payments 12 000 sellers and millions users all of their platforms, including but not limited to KakaoTalk, KakaoPay, KakaoStory, and KakaoTaxi.

Bithumb also about two weeks back has partnered with the largest South Korean booking platform hotels, to integrate functionality into it for cryptocurrency payments.

Previously similar initiatives were adopted in Japan, where some retailers have begun to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Besides Togo, in Australia thanks to a similar partnership between local crypto-exchange and payment service 1,200 newsstands received possibility sell his buyers bitcoin and Ethereum.