Another person copyrighted the bitcoin white paper Updated …

Another person formalized the copyright for the Bitcoin white paper

Updated: Revealed personality the second contender for the authorship of the white paper of bitcoin

Another person copyrighted the bitcoin white paper Updated ...

United States Copyright Office has registered yet one author of the Bitcoin white paper. According to the document presented in the electronic library, it was a citizen of China Wei Liu.

Another person copyrighted the bitcoin white paper Updated ...

The right way of publications, Liu under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 year created a work as a text file titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

Probably, her the actions were a reaction to the call of individual community members to register the copyright for the white paper and bitcoin code, after Togo as this made by an Australian entrepreneur and leader Bitcoin SV Craig Wright. Wright’s supporters argue that absence other claims of authorship bitcoin confirms, What exactly is he is an Satoshi. With the advent of the second copyright registration may arise grounds for determining the validity both statements judicially.

Copyright Office itself USA explained that him function comes down exclusively for the registration of incoming applications, and verification credibility the information specified in them, the department does not conduct.

Curious that the name Wei Liu already featured in cryptocurrency MEDIA. Last October it became known that a former employee exchanges Bibox with this the same name appointed itself the sole shareholder of the company investment platform and tried assign more $ 3 million.