Binance acquired cryptocurrency wallet Trust WalletOne …

Binance Acquires Trust Wallet Cryptocurrency

One of the largest exchanges cryptocurrencies Binance completes the first-ever third-party purchase company, intending to provide their clients more control over theirs assets. About this writes Bloomberg.

Trust wallet is an developer decisions for storage of cryptocurrencies and browser of decentralized applications, bypassing minimum user information, reported Binance without specifying the details of the deal. Trust Wallet was founded in November of the past of the year and has 10 employees.

“Users control 100% of their funds“, – stated CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao. “We now have both a centralized and a decentralized storage solution.”.

Trust Wallet does not have access to users’ wallets and their private keys, Binance explained. According to information on the wallet website, company can collect public keys users, their contact information and data from social networks. Trust Wallet reported in June that cancel planned sale tokens due to legal risks.

“Company known its reliability and adheres principles, according to which it do not get access to wallets users, does not hold their private keys and does not ask for personal information “, – stated Binance. “The Trust Wallet brand and team will maintain autonomy and freedom to develop his main product, while the same time taking advantage of more close cooperation with Binance “.

Binance acquired cryptocurrency wallet Trust WalletOne ...

By words Zhao, deal was concluded on relatively small amount, and not too many people use Trust Wallet. is he also noted that in the present while negotiating the acquisition yet several companies.