Binance announced the completion of the second phase of its program to combat …

Binance Announces Completion Of Phase 2 Of Coronavirus Program

Charitable division of the exchange cryptocurrencies Binance in Monday reported on the completion of the second phase of the “Binance for Wuhan” program, which aims to support the region of China affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

In the second phase It was six more batches of medical products were transferred. 130 hospitals, medical teams and epidemic control centers received them.. They are received protective suits from Israel and the UAE, protective masks, gloves, goggles and oxygen concentrators.

“We learned that Professor of Medicine Zhong Nanshan donated 100 oxygen concentrators. it the event caught the attention of the Binance Charity team. Obviously, hospitals need them. We immediately contacted the doctors on places and they reported to us that these devices help prolong the life of patients and carve out additional time for their cures. We contacted a local manufacturer and signed agreement. As a result, we donated 100 devices independently, and another 288 – together with a charitable organization in the field of blockchain“, – writes company.

Binance notes, then in places infestations there is a severe shortage of medical accessories. TO decision Problems stock exchange attracted suppliers from Total the world.

“We are seeing a decrease in new infections in China and an increase in the number of cured patients. We have achieved significant success in the fight against the virus, but war yet is not over. We will not stop until the crisis is over. Binance Charity will continue to support the fight until the end, and victory will be on our side! “

In January, Binance announced, what will donate to the fight against coronavirus $ 1.5 million.

Binance announced the completion of the second phase of its program to combat ...