Binance Chain Mainnet Hard Fork Set For Jul 15After …

Binance Chain Mainnet Hard Fork Set For July 15

After successfully updating Galileo on Testnet, Binance Chain validators agreed perform a planned hard fork on the mainnet at block 20 300 000. Expected that this will happen on July 15.

Validators and Operators full nodes should be updated his Software up to version 0.6.0 by July 10. Those who do not renewed timely, will not be able to sync with the new Binance Chain.

Users, which keep BNB on exchanges (e.g., BitMax and and supported wallets, including hardware wallets, no action is required, if And me will be special instructions provided from service operators.

Along with the update on the Binance DEX exchange will be introduced more clear delineation on makers and takers at the conclusion of transactions. Besides Togo, delisting procedure will be implemented trade steam that can be called by validators and approved by voting.

Binance Chain Mainnet Hard Fork Set For July 15th After ...

Projects will be provided possibility blocking part of your own tokens for a certain period. For example, it can be provided their roadmap. Besides Togo, mechanism can be used for what-or assets in separate tokens.

IN client the signing function will appear of all types transactions without active network connection. Subsequently, such transactions may be transmitted to the network by another device.

A number of changes and improvements affecting the synchronization mechanism networks, order matching engine and consensus algorithm.

Previously Binance reported, what will launch new futures platform, where users will be able to participate in margin trading with leverage up to x20.