Binance has added support for subaccounts Cryptocurrency …

Binance has added support for sub-accounts

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance reported about adding new opportunities on her platform – support for so-called sub-accounts.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the highly anticipated subaccounts feature, which will be serve the interests of organizations wishing to have multiple trading accounts in one and provide controlled access to them “, – writes it.

Users are allowed open up to 200 subaccounts in one parent account, of whom they are will be able to access all related information and functions: login history, order management, assets, etc. Also parent account can reset settings for two-factor authentication, API keys, orders and passwords, and freeze certain subaccounts.

The transfer fee funds between subaccounts on provided. The assignment of a VIP-level to a parent account is carried out on the basis of activity of all tied subaccounts to it.

Function access is granted only corporate users or users with VIP level 3 (volume trades in the amount of 4,500 BTC in 30 days and 1 000 BNB on account) and higher. If user does not meet these criteria, but is sure that he needs access to subaccounts, he should contact the service support and justify his a wish.

Binance has added support for subaccounts Cryptocurrency ...

Binance Demonstrated the Interface and Functionality of the Upcoming Decentralized Exchange Yesterday.

Also on this week stock exchange Poloniex reported about launch specialized accounts for institutional investors.