Bitcoin Core activates an optimization method tested …

Bitcoin Core activates an optimization method tested by Hal Finney 9 years ago

On Friday, a patent covering a technology for accelerating cryptographic operations in elliptic curves, known as GLV endomorphism, expired. This will allow it to be activated in Bitcoin Core in order to increase the speed and efficiency of verification. signatures bitcoin, writes BTC Times.

The possibility of using GLV endomorphism was studied by Hal Finney, who was the first to obtain bitcointransaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. In a Bitcointalk post dated February 8, 2011, Finney wrote that he was experimenting with the technology. after Togo, how he studied the work of the authors of the patent. Initial results were promising – verification speed has increased on 25%.

Subsequently, technology support was added in customer Bitcoin Core, but it could not be activated due to validity of a patent, registered in December 1999 of the year.

“Its implementation was one of primary motivations for creation libsecp256k1 libraries, which since then replaced everything cryptographic application of OpenSSL in Bitcoin Core, – reported Blockstream Research Director Andrew Poelstra. – But it was disabled by default to avoid patent problems, and was never included in Bitcoin Core “.

Patent expiration allows developers to enable GLV endomorphism in next release Bitcoin Core. The function was extensively tested during the development of the libsecp256k1 library, which makes it suitable for immediate deployment. After activation node owners will be able to count on a decrease in consumed resources.

Bitcoin Core activates an optimization method tested ...

it performance improvement for the first time attracted attention for Hal Finney’s use in Bitcoin. Although Hal is no longer with us, him the contribution is still felt ”, – stated CEO Blockstream Edam Back.