Bitcoin halving may be delayed by a day due to an increase in …

Bitcoin halving may be delayed by a day due to increased block time

Bitcoin is experiencing an increase in block addition times for the second day in a row. On this draws attention analytical service Coin Metrics.

According to analysts, the average block production time increased to 13 minutes, and sometimes the intervals between blocks can reach hour and a half.

Target block mining time in networks bitcoin is defined at the protocol level and is 10 minutes. The value can be maintained using the complexity adjustment mechanism, which the counts every two weeks her based on network performance in the previous step.

In between block time can decrease or increase, primarily from-per changes in the amount of computing power allocated by miners. Miners, in his turn, may be guided by various factors, one of main among which is an price cryptocurrencies.

9th of March after the next recalculation, the difficulty has risen to a record 16.55 T. Since then since price bitcoin managed to collapse by 50% and partially win back losses. These events were reflected in the hash rate, which, according to, recently dropped from 136 to 82 EH / s.

Bitcoin halving may be delayed by a day due to an increase in ...

As a result, according to forecasts, on the next recalculation of the difficulty of mining will be reduced by 8.41% to 15.16 T, but it will happen only in 5 days.

All this is reflected in the predicted halving time or reward reduction. for miners, which occurs after the release of every 210 000 blocks. Until the next halving is quite a little – 7 696 blocks at the time of publication. Topics not less than the forecasted period him offensive at the current dynamics falls on May 13, having shifted by almost a day relative Togo, what was expected a few weeks ago.