wallet added “full support” for Bitcoin Cash Popular … wallet adds “full support” for Bitcoin Cash

Popular cryptocurrency wallet announced adding full support Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

IN his the blog, the company confirmed that the fork bitcoin Bitcoin Cash has entered among the main cryptocurrencies supported by the wallet. In addition to BCH, supports bitcoin and Ethereum.

“IN November we reported about the plan to add Bitcoin Cash with full functionality to your web wallet “, – writes company. wallet added 'full support' for Bitcoin Cash Popular ...

Users initially had possibility only “Unlock” the balances of the fork that appeared on August 1st. Now they are may commit with him those the same actions as with the other two cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash until not available on mobile client. The company promises to add the appropriate functionality before the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Topics time BCH remains a topic of contention in the community, with cryptocurrency chief proponent Roger Ver continues let off negative comments about the original bitcoin. So, in a conversation with CNBC on this week he collapsed with criticism on defenders bitcoin, in Tom including Max Kaiser, who said that Bitcoin Cash “borders on fraud”.

With criticism had to collide with the wallet. Many users were dissatisfied themes, what’s on the priority list company Bitcoin Cash integration turned out to be higher, than SegWit integration.

Photo: Wit Olszewski