Browser creator Brave called referral autosubstitution …

Brave Browser Called Auto-Substitution of Referral Codes a Bug

Focused on increased privacy Brave browser used autocomplete feature for substitution of referral codes on multiple websites, in Tom among the Binance exchange, Twitter user discovered.

Brave founder Brendan Eich called autocomplete an error and promised fix the problem. By him words, Brave is an partner of Binance, but really not must use your referral code when users sign up for exchange.

“We will never change addresses again, I I promise. I’m sorry about this“, – he wrote, adding that he is trying create Viable business. Many commentators, but, refused to enter Eich’s position, saying that they chose Brave by that reason that is he protects their from hidden advertising practices.

Browser creator Brave called referral autosubstitution ...

According to the Brave code on GitHub, the browser also substitutes their codes for Ledger, Trezor and Coinbase.

Browser creator Brave called referral autosubstitution ...

Eich urged users not to worry about possible privacy violations due to an undocumented feature in the browser. “This code identifies us, this is an affiliate code Binance, uniform for of all users. He does not identify you. In any case, we delete it, ”he added..

On this Brave week reported about reaching the mark of 15 million by the number of downloaded browser users. Number every day active users reached 5.3 million, an increase of 165% over year. At that the same time, of common base only 12.32% of users interact with cryptocurrency browser functions.

Podcast writer Joe Rogan also on this week reported, that Brave uses. “He is not peeps in underwear. Doesn’t check fingerprints. If you want to use Instagram or Facebook, it’s up to you will be follow “- stated Rogan describing the benefits of the browser.