Chicago Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin Options Trading Volume First …

The volume of trading in bitcoin options of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on the first day was $ 2.1 million

Bitcoin Options Chicago commodity exchange (CME) on the day of its launch attracted volumes trades for 275 bitcoins or about $ 2.1 million. Total 55 contracts were exchanged, writes The block.

For comparison, Bakkt, launched a similar instrument on December 9, recorded general the volume of transactions is approximately $ 1 million.

Managing Director of CME Group Tim McCourt reported, what is he satisfied result. He also noted, that the participants market “Excellent” responded to the launch new instrument.

“With regard to the ability to transmit market quotes, collect data and other technical aspects, everything worked like It was conceived “- reported McCourt.

“Launch of listed on exchange options – this significant step towards expanding accessibility bitcoin“, – commented Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone, adding that the first day does not have to be indicative, and more complete understanding of demand tool can will be form after a few weeks or months.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin Options Trading Volume First ...

Previously own options on bitcoin launched by OKEx and FTX.

Stock exchange Binance in his in a recent report drew attention to an increase in the overall level of competition in the crypto-derivatives trading space.