Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia from Baidu began to lead …

Chinese counterpart "Wikipedia" from Baidu started keeping track of edits using blockchain

Chinese counterpart "Wikipedia" Baidu Baike leverages blockchain for keeping a record of edits in articles to increase the transparency and traceability of events in his service, writes CoinDesk.

Though company not yet officially announced about technology integration, search in the encyclopedia already returns results that match hash values ​​indicating Tom, that the data are recorded in Tom including and using the blockchain.

In a conversation with CoinDesk, a company representative confirmed that in the public version of the service, hash values ​​began to be displayed in this Mondays, although some temporary marks indicate that hashing began, at least last week.

Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia from Baidu began to lead ...

Baidu uses its own blockchain to track edits, which the does not allow third party user determine what data is recorded, for example, taken into account whether edit time, name her author or cause making.

Baidu spokesman declined to respond to technical questions, but reported, that the purpose of blockchain integration is to increase credibility data in the encyclopedia, information in which may change users themselves.

Baidu Baike was launched in 2008 and is an the main service of this kind for Chinese residents, since the original "Wikipedia" blocked in the country. According to public data as of February 2018 of the year, the encyclopedia contains 15.2 million records and 6.4 million edits.

Previously, search giant Baidu launched a blockchain as a service and own version blockchain-CryptoKitties Games For Chinese users.