Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a blockchain …

Chinese search engine Baidu launches blockchain as a service platform

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Launches Its Own Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform. About it writes CoinDesk.

Baidu Trust open platform developed on based on Baidu’s own technology. According to company, it designed to provide users the most “easy to learn and use” blockchain service.

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a blockchain ...

According to a post on the Baidu website, the platform allows conduct and track transactions; it can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks, including digital invoicing, bank loan management, insurance management, financial audit, etc..

how writes Baidu, this technology already used for securitization and asset swaps including “China’s first blockchain security swap product, secured assets“.

Note that Baidu is not the first Chinese company to launch such an initiative. In April 2017, the Chinese Internet conglomerate Tencent released own set blockchain-services, in the name whom also present word Trustconfidence“). TrustSQL offers his to users services such as digital asset management, authentication, and the sharing economy.

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a blockchain ...

Although search engine Baidu is a little late with its own BaaS platform, there was no time is he was one of the first companies to start working with bitcoin. So, in October 2013 payments in this cryptocurrency started taking him Jiasule service dedicated to improving the performance, speed and security of websites.

Last October of the year Baidu joins Hyperledger blockchain consortium.