Coinbase Eliminates Short Term IPO …

Coinbase rules out IPO in the short term

American cryptocurrency Coinbase, which yesterday reported Tom, what is successful closed round E attracting funding by raising $ 300 million, not going to come out on IPO in the near future time, despite the prevailing networks information.

Chief Operating Officer and President Coinbase Asif Khirji in a conversation with Bloomberg reported, that some high profile companies showed interest in the investment round of the company investors, which “Want to invest in the best representatives of this space “.

Coinbase Eliminates Short Term IPO ...

By words Khirji, last round not was compulsory for him company, but the support of well-known investors such as Tiger Management and Andreesen Horowitz will help it successfully enter the next phase of development.

“It’s very good that company enter the cryptocurrency space with us. They are wanted cooperate with someone who guarantees development and changes the industry. New partnerships also provide organizations with an additional level of predictability and profitability. “, – stated is he.

Talking about opportunities conducting an initial public offering, Khirji noted that this question is one of the last company priorities. He also said that the main task of Coinbase now is an diversifying income sources and ensuring financial stability.

Coinbase Eliminates IPO Possibility In The Short Term

“Although the IPO will not be held in the near future will be, our main goal remains to change the structure income. Now everything income comes from transactions, but it will be soon will change“, – explained is he.

ABOUT Tom, what is Coinbase can go for an IPO, CNBC host Ran Neuner said last week.