Coinbase has hired a LinkedIn top executive to be its VP …

Coinbase hires LinkedIn executive as VP of data

Head of Data Analysis and Processing Business Social networks LinkedIn joined to the American exchange cryptocurrencies Coinbase. About it Michael Lee wrote on his blog himself.

Lee worked more 7 years on LinkedIn and now will take Vice President for Crypto Exchange Data. Lee’s career before of this was is associated with the inclusion of data in financial services, e-commerce services and social networks, writes is he. By him opinion, in cryptocurrency and blockchain-space there are “limitless opportunitiesfor data use.

“I am delighted with opportunities define and evolve the role of data in rapidly improving space, combining innovative views on decision knowledge problems of my experience in the past “, – stated Lee. “Data will be play a key role in fulfilling Coinbase’s mission and form the basis of the strategy company to provide the most trusted and readily available products and services. I feel like the chosen one because received an opportunity to take on this challenging and rewarding role and open a new chapter in my career. “.

Coinbase has hired a LinkedIn top executive to be its VP ...

So way, Coinbase continues actively ramp up your the management team is the best cadres with experience in traditional companies. Per the last 10 months, the exchange found vice presidents of finance, communications, development, as well as directors of finance and legal compliance.

It is noteworthy that Lee – not the only one top-a LinkedIn manager who joined the ranks of Coinbase. In March stock exchange hired Emily Choi, which became respond for company acquisitions.

Last week Coinbase reported, what opens new office in New York for work in which additionally will hire more than 100 employees.