Coinbase will take custody of cryptocurrency assets of investment …

Coinbase will store cryptocurrency assets of investment funds

Major American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the launch of a new service Coinbase Custody, which will allow large investors and investment funds, willing invest in digital currencies, store your digital assets without worry about their safety. About it reported co-founder and CEO Coinbase Brian Armstrong.

“Per last year It was created more hundreds hedge funds operating exclusively on market cryptocurrencies. Yet more investment funds are beginning to show interest in trade digital assets (in Tom number of companies confidential family wealth management, government investment funds, traditional hedge funds, etc.). By some estimates, $ 10 billion in assets under the management of investment funds are waiting his hours to get into the digital currency market. We communicated with these structures, and they are say the main deterrent for them is an absence a repository of digital assets they could rely on “, – writes Armstrong.

He highlights a number of features, which will be have new service and which will be meet the needs of large clients:

  • Strict control per finance (multiple signatories, audits, limits etc.);
  • Coinbase will take custody of cryptocurrency assets of investment ...
  • Dedicated Representative and Support Team;
  • SLA agreements on translations funds;
  • The ability to create multiple users with different levels of access to accounts;
  • Support for a wide range of digital assets and currencies;
  • Insurance (in certain cases);
  • High level of cyber security and physical protection.

The service is expected to launch next year.

Photo: Fotokon