Coinbase Withdraws From American Cryptocurrency Association After …

Coinbase Withdraws From Association Of American Crypto Companies After Binance.US Joining

Stock exchange cryptocurrencies Coinbase is out of A blockchain association dedicated to advocating for the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain in the USA, shortly after joining to her competing platform. About this writes The Block citing Coinbase’s letter about her immediate departure from the group.

“With great regret I revoke registration with the Board of the Blockchain Association. The decision takes effect immediately, – wrote Ermin, representing Coinbase Wong. – My resignation also serves as a notice of resignation Coinbase from the Blockchain Association, including everything working groups and ongoing initiatives “.

The letter says that decision It was adopted on the basis of the organization’s actions during the last weeks. Industry participants suspect that it associated with acceptance into the group exchanges Binance.US, but in a letter about this it is not said in plain text. Binance.US Joins Blockchain Association On Monday.

Coinbase Withdraws From American Cryptocurrency Association After ...

“Although we hope that the Blockchain Association will be true his values ​​to unfortunately, last weeks showed us, that the Blockchain Association is not interested in maintaining membership criteria, which we developed for strengthening the organisation’s mission, ”writes Coinbase, adding that current decisions may undermine confidence to the group and make it harder to achieve its goals.

Binance.US operates in USA as a provider of money transfer services and is registered with Networks for Combating Financial Crimes (FinCEN), then as her partner firm Binance declares the decentralization of its governance and is not regulated by any-or national authority.