Court Freezes BitConnect Assets Temporary Restraint Order …

The court froze the assets of BitConnect

Order of the temporary restricting BitConnect access to its own assets issued in USA against the backdrop of a growing number of lawsuits against a once popular investment scheme that has earned a dubious reputation. About this writes CoinDesk.

According to the court order, BitConnect is obliged to report of all their cryptocurrency wallets and account addresses used for trading, as well as name all persons, which received digital currencies from accounts company per the last 90 days.

Have defendant have 10 days for in order to comply with a court order. Besides Togo, BitConnect International PLC, BitConnect LTD, BitConnect Trading LTD and Ryan Massen are prohibited from transferring any assets, which they may belong, until they are will not receive on this court permission.

As a reminder, BitConnect was recently filed against already second class action. Plaintiff Brian Page claims that the money of all BitConnect investors in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies were transferred to BitConnect Coin (BCC) along with the closure trade sites of the company, when 1 BCC cost about $ 300. At the time of publication, the cryptocurrency rate is near the $ 9 level.

Court Freezes BitConnect Assets Temporary Restraint Order ...

Court I decided, what do investors there would be no chance to return their money, if no matter how BitConnect assets were frozen, therefore it issued a resolution “in public interests as the public is interested in Tom, to avoid grandiose deception consumers and other violations in the field of securities “.

“The order is issued without prior notice to the defendant in order to keep status quo and prevent possibility causing irreparable damage until the court will be ready to hold a hearing, ”the resolution says..

Court order remains in force before February 13.