Craig Wright’s wife is trying to sue the millions earned …

Craig Wright’s wife is trying to sue the millions earned from trading bitcoin

The wife of Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who claims that is he is an creator bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, filed to court on cryptocurrency platform, after how I could not withdraw a large amount from her, writes Trustnodes.

Ramona Ang states that her account on exchange UFX owned registered in Cyprus fintech-company Reliantco, was frozen and closed. Eng traded leveraged bitcoin futures from January to May 2017 of the year and from July to August Togo the same of the year. Initially she invested $ 200 000, which turned into $ 700,000 by August 10, when Reliantco allegedly, decided close account.

Craig Wright's wife is trying to sue the millions earned ...

According to Ang, Reliantco “unlawfully blocked and closed an account and is required to pay compensation for open position on bitcoin“. When Ang tried to sever relations with the company on her own and receive the funds in the account at the end of August, the position size reached $ 1.1 million. words, by the time of going to court, the amount increased to $ 2.5 million, and on the day of the trial itself – about before $ 3 million.

According to court documents, Ang accuses Reliantco in preventing the withdrawal of on account of funds. Reliantco in his the defense states that Ang has invested in futures as a professional trader, in then time as it was registered on the platform in quality Retail client“.

On Tuesday CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao proposed to organize a charitable foundation, funds which will go to the legal protection of members of the cryptocurrency community who are persecuted by Wright.