Crypto fund Neural Capital closes, losing half of its capital …

Crypto fund Neural Capital closes, losing half of investor capital

Crypto Hedge Fund Neural Capital Closes Without Notifying this the general public, writes CoinDesk with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

Crypto fund Neural Capital closes, losing half of its capital ...

The fund has lost half of its capital since launch in 2017 and in the present time returns leftovers funds investors. By words sources, cryptocurrency assets of Neural Capital were liquidated in December, and part of the fiat currency everything is still on escrow accounts, which violates earlier the announced terms for several months.

By 2019 year under Neural Capital managed assets on more than $ 13 million. Him investors over 40 employees, including Greylock partner Joshua Elman and Expa partner Human Radfar, each of which invested at least $ 250 000.

Crypto fund Neural Capital closes, losing half of its capital ...

In December, the fund revoked registration from the SEC and exchanges USA (SEC), and in this ceased to transmit mandatory reporting to the California and federal agencies.

Fund managers Ariy Nazir and Christopher Keshian had no previous experience in the hedge fund industry. After launch of Neural Capital they are became consultants company Protocol Ventures, which has invested in many cryptocurrency funds, including Neural Capital. Keshian also founded Apex Capital, a fund of funds similar to Protocol Ventures. Apex Capital never launched because it couldn’t to reach minimum goal of $ 100 million when selling own tokens.

Keshian left Neural Capital by 2019. is he reported, that since then does not maintain contact with Nazir and works over projects that are not yet ready to disclose information.

So way, Neural Capital joins a string of crypto funds that opened at the peak of the crypto boom in 2017 and recently discontinued his existence, most striking examples which are Adaptive Capital, Prime Factor Capital and Tetras Capital.