Crypto-related section added to Yahoo FinanceFrom now on …

Cryptocurrency section added to Yahoo Finance

From now on, the Yahoo Finance platform provides its users possibility follow the movements of cryptocurrency rates in the same way to that, as they are may this do at help from CoinMarketCap and other popular cross-exchange listings.

Yahoo Finance Service was launched by the developer of the popular search engine in January 1997 of the year and is an one of major providers of financial information in USA. In January 2014, the conservative news Newsmax has named Yahoo Finance as the preferred source of such information among Republicans, whose annual family income exceeds $ 100 000.

The new Yahoo Finance service includes more 100 cryptocurrencies and collects data from various trade platforms. Profile information on cryptocurrencies, historical data, data on the number of coins in circulation, market capitalization and volume trades.

Crypto-related section added to Yahoo FinanceFrom now on ...

All data provided by partner Yahoo Finance CryptoCompare. Besides Togo, Yahoo Finance has entered into an agreement with the cryptocurrency portal Coindesk providing their listing guidelines.

Charlie Hartel, Director of Product Management, Yahoo Finance reported, what’s new product him company intended for a wide range of users, “from newbies who only begin to comprehend cryptocurrencies, to serious investors, willing follow per with their cryptocurrency investments “.

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andrew Serwer stated: “We are proud themes, that we are among the first to cover topics bitcoin and blockchain. We became the first business news platform, which start include bitcoin quotes in your reports “.

In February, Yahoo will conduct its first massive cryptocurrency event aimed at a wide range of visitors, “All Markets Summit: Crypto”.

Crypto-related section added to Yahoo FinanceFrom now on ...

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