Cryptocurrencies are among the most demanded assets in …

Cryptocurrencies are among the most demanded assets among Chinese investors

Bitcoin and other digital assets ranked fourth among the most demanded investments among Chinese residents, writes 8btc with a link to Duxiaoman Financial, the fintech division of the Chinese search engine Baidu.

Cryptocurrencies are among the most demanded assets in ...

In the report company is given overview preferences of local investors in 2019. As Duxiaoman Financial found out, interest in investments remained high, with stocks, real estate and insurance products becoming the most popular assets. It is noteworthy that gold and government funds in this list comes after related blockchain assets.

The right way of report, category “other investments”, in which includes futures on exchange goods, foreign currencies and digital assets experienced a surge in attention in May when bitcoin started your local rise, and at the end of October, when the President of the PRC Xi Jinping stated on the importance of blockchain development.

With the transfer of capital into the hands of a generation born after 1995 of the year, him representatives start to borrow more and more share in similar reports – Duxiaoman Financial evaluates her at 15-29%. It is quite expected that it is this generation believes more than others in the potential of internet finance and digital currencies. When this Men in age from 25 to 34 years old prefer “stability” and pay more attention to insurance assets, and more older generation – shares.

BabelFinance conducted a poll among Chinese investors last August. Then 30% of respondents said they expect bitcoin price to rise above $ 30 000 over the next 12 months, and 84.3% reported, that they believe in perspectives cryptocurrencies and want to keep her in quality long-term investment.