Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $ 800 billion The total …

Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $ 800 billion

Aggregate capitalization of all digital currencies and tokens topped $ 800 billion for the first time this Saturday, one step closer to the key $ 1 trillion mark.

At the same time, significantly increased volumes trades: over the past 24 hours, traders have made deals worth $ 50 billion, with $ 20 billion accounting for on market bitcoin. To lead continues stock exchange Binance with $ 7.6 billion.

The capitalization of 41 cryptocurrencies exceeds $ 1 billion, and the capitalization of the top 10 is $ 10 billion, which It was hard to imagine a few months ago.

The growth of the segment’s capitalization may also indicate an increase in the number of investors interested in digital assets. Recently, the most outstanding performances have been cryptocurrencies with a high emission volume, in particular Ripple. Some suggest that new investors mistakenly think their cheap, ignoring this capitalization indicator.

Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $ 800 billion The total ...

Issue volume 6 out of 10 leading cryptocurrencies is about 10 billion coins or more this value, but one of the most obvious examples of irrationality market can serve nem, in last thing time not so often appearing in news, which, however, does not prevent him to borrow the seventh line in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies. But at least NEM has blockchain and a working product, in difference from the ninth largest cryptocurrency TRON, progress whose developers until are limited only drafting white paper.

Another interesting example is an Dogecoin, the thirtieth largest cryptocurrency named after the “Doge” meme, course which over the past day has grown by another 50%. Together with that her capitalization approached $ 2 billion, and the price of 1 Dogecoin exceeded $ 0.015 at issue volume of 112 billion.