Cryptopia has started assessing user losses, but fast …

Cryptopia started assessing user losses, but does not promise quick results

Grant Thornton, appointed in quality hacked exchange liquidator cryptocurrencies Cryptopia shared this Wednesday new details of the ongoing process.

Cryptopia has started assessing user losses, but fast ...

According to the publication, she succeeded decide one of the main problems of the current stage is to obtain databases with information about assets customers from a data center in American Phoenix. Grant Thornton is now trying to match this data with Cryptopia-controlled cryptocurrency wallets..

“This is not an easy task because there are hundreds thousand clients, many of which held several assets “, – explains company.

Grant Thornton works with lawyers to a question return of remaining assets their owners. “Topics not less, due to January hack this the process has become complex and requires time. for example, stock exchange, hacked cannot simply re- open up. We are forced to comply with certain requirements for liquidators in New Zealand and internationally, which are relevant besides other things to counter money laundering and terrorist financing, ”the company explains.

The liquidator succeeded achieve Cryptopia’s bankruptcy USA, thanks to what exchange and her assets received additional protection in American jurisdiction. When this Grant Thornton Accepts International Investigations yet located upon rudimentary stages.

The company also notifies users about Tom, what in present time it receives many appeals, in this connection not can Answer to everything of them and encourages to follow the updates in public sources.

Cryptopia’s earlier losses Ethereum and ERC20-tokens from a hacker attack were estimated at $ 16 million.