DeFi Project Harvest Finance Increases Reward for Returning Stolen …

DeFi Project Harvest Finance Increases Reward for Return of Stolen Assets to $ 1 Million

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Harvest Finance Raises Amount rewards for providing information, which will help to return the stolen from him users assets, with $ 100 000 up to $ 1 million.

DeFi Project Harvest Finance Increases Reward for Returning Stolen ...

On Monday, an attacker took advantage of the instant loan for $ 50 million for manipulation of prices in the USDC and USDT stablecoin pools. As a result, users suffered “irreparable damage” for $ 34 million, because the their assets were bought at discounted prices.

According to DeFi Pulse, after the attack volume funds blocked in Harvest Finance fell by 70% from $ 1 billion up to the current $ 295 million. As a result, Harvest Finance now is an tenth largest DeFi protocol, then how before of this was sixth.

DeFi Project Harvest Finance Increases Reward For Return Of Stolen ...

Harvest Finance developers state that they are were able to identify the hacker, his personality “Well known in the crypto community” and he left “a significant amount of personal information”, but not may return funds. They also ask not to disclose his identity, but only to facilitate the return of assets..

“That’s what we known about the attacker: understands instant loans, understands arbitrage and trading, understands the internal structure of the Curve protocol, understands RenBTC, understands operational security, understands profitable farming, can write smart contracts, understands how to use mixers, in Tom number on the darknet, was available in time attacks, “they write.

IN present time the process of distributing $ 2.5 million among the rightful owners, which the attacker is unknown reasons returned after attacks. Besides Togo, the team is considering possibility pool launch on basis debt receipts that will be be used to compensate for damage.