Disney has challenged Tron Foundation filings for multiple …

Disney Challenges Tron Foundation’s Multiple Trademark Applications

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has rejected three trademark applications related to cryptocurrency Tron platform, after Togo how Disney filed a protest.

Disney has challenged Tron Foundation filings for multiple ...

Tron Foundation Partner in China company Raybo Technology filed applications for registration of the TRON, TRONNETWORK and TRONIX trademarks in February 2018. In August Disney reported potential confusion commodity signs, but Raybo Technology did not respond with a statement.

Disney in their objections pointed out that already uses the mentioned titles in the film series. In 1982 year on screens out the sci-fi film “Tron”, for which a sequel, an animated series, a series of video games and paraphernalia followed. According to company, the Tron Foundation used only capital letters making him especially similar to the title of the movie. This confirms the “malice” of the Tron Foundation and can lead confused client Disney base.

The Tron Foundation did not respond for nine months, after which the Patent and Trademark Office rejected everything three applications. Raybo Technology already owns nine trademarks in China, including “Tron”, “TRX” and “Tronix”.

“Tron did not take the trademark registration process with the necessary seriousness,” commented lawyer Jake Chervinsky. – They are did not hire a lawyer in USA, who could represent their, although the USPTO told them directly this to do. They also did not respond to the USPTO notification, which indicates a complete rejection of attempts register these are trademarks. it fine, when you have to deal with active protecting a company like Disney. Topics however, a respectful approach presupposes that they themselves should were withdraw these applications and do not ignore the USPTO “.