Energy giant BP has announced its readiness to cooperate with …

Energy giant BP announced its readiness to cooperate with ICO startups

Energy giant BP is considering possibility conclusions agreements with blockchain-startups conducting ICOs and even conducts internal token listings. About it reported one of company executives on Wednesday.

Speaking at Blockchain Expo London, Julian Gray, BP Chief Technology Officer for Digital Innovation, stated, that non-financial businesses may, more open blockchain innovation, than their financial services competitors.

“We yet did nothing with public chains, but this does not mean that we will not do something. We have prepared a proof of concept using tokens in internal order for transfer of value “, – quotes him the words CoinDesk.

BP needs to expand its knowledge in this area significantly, he said.. Topics at least in the company already now there are enough people who realize that blockchains, even open ones, are not only “Hacker territory”.

Gray added that although him the department does not need funding, is he ready to work with other projects, which let’s go along the ICO path.

“We will whether we cooperate with the people who do it? I think so, ”he said. “Not right now, but i won’t be surprised, if someday we’ll start “.

Moderator of the meeting Lewis Cohen, partner at law firm Hogan Lovells, noted that he It was it is interesting to hear these words from a representative of such company, like BP.

“This technology has taken your way. It definitely moving somewhere. At some point we let’s start interact with her, “he said.

Energy giant BP announced its readiness to cooperate with ...

In conversation with CoinDesk after Cohen added: “I was waiting of this long time. I don’t believe those who say that ICOs are terrible, but they say about this many. I note that this is only mine dot point of view and not necessarily the point of view of BP “.