Enjin Coin is up 71% amid rumors of Samsung adding …

Enjin Coin Up 71% Amid Rumors Of Adding To Samsung Galaxy S10

After another crypto drawdown-market outstanding dynamics has been demonstrated by at least one digital assets. Enjin Coin Price per the last day has grown by 71% with volume trades at $ 15 million, which allowed him to take 74th line in the CoinMarketCap list.

Events unfold against the backdrop of a spread in networks rumors that Samsung, earlier officially confirmed information about stock private key storage in her new smartphone Galaxy S10, implements support for the Enjin Wallet. In particular, about this writes portal Bitcoin Exchange Guide referring to “Anonymous Korean Insiders”.

Enjin Coin is up 71% amid rumors of Samsung adding ...

Besides Togo, South Korea’s second largest telecom provider TWorld posted on your site next picture, related to Galaxy S10 shipments, states the Bitcoin Exchange Guide:

As shown in the picture, own storage blockchain-Samsung keys will be used in conjunction with Enjin Wallet for the purpose of “making crypto-transfers based on S10”.

Enjin Coin is positioned as a currency for buying virtual goods, supported by “The largest platform community gamers in the network. ” Enjin Mobile Wallet can used to work with bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC1155 tokens, in Tom used in blockchain games, which, presumably, could attract Samsung.

Last week, rumors about Tom, what in quality primary partner for decisions in the field of decentralized applications Samsung has chosen the Cosmochain project. Him the token has grown by almost 50% today, thus having won back the fall the last days.