EOS CTO Dan Larimer has confirmed his involvement in the development of a new …

EOS CTO Dan Larimer confirms his participation in the development of a new token

EOS project technical director Daniel Larimer, who also stood at the origins of such blockchain startups as Steemit and BitShares, confirmed the information on Telegram Tom, that he is involved in the development new cryptocurrency token.

“While working on the security and scalability of EOS, I encountered a new set call, answer to which can be given at help from a potential crypto token. I Total only studied if there is a place for market for solutions these problems, “he wrote.

According to him words, “Hypothetical token will be immutable, non-programmable, and intended for fulfillment only one function – currency ”. “It does not compromise in any way the broader EOSIO use cases.”, – added Larimer.

At the same time is he assured users is that not going to leave EOSIO or its parent company Block.one: “EOSIO – this future blockchain. Block.one team makes it every day more fast, secure, scalable and flexible “.

When this Larimer stressed, which does not announce a new product because him can at all not to be, but the project itself – to limit ourselves to hypothetical reasoning.

In September it became known, that some of the first Block.one employees left company, to start my own project called StrongBlock. Their aim is an the creation of a “blockchain marketplace”, which does not correspond to the description of Larimer, so it probably should not be associated with this team.

Users networks reacted to the announcement of the technical director of EOS with skepticism, doubting Tom, what will he do his Promise and will continue to work on the project, for the development of which Block.one raised over $ 4 billion.

EOS CTO Dan Larimer has confirmed his involvement in the development of a new ...