ErisX responded to CFTC’s request for information on …

ErisX responded to CFTC request for information on Ethereum

Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange ErisX has sent a letter of comment to the Commission on trade commodity US futures (CFTC) in response to her request for information about networks Ethereum. About it writes The block.

Last December of the year CFTC issued appropriate request addressed to representatives the public, in which asked their answer a series of questions, called improve the understanding of some of the features of the functioning of the cryptocurrency and its markets by the regulator. Specifically, the CFTC wants receive information “on the similarities and differences of certain virtual currencies, as well as opportunities, challenges and risks related directly to the ether”.

In its letter, ErisX noted that “the lack of regulatory certainty in individual cases limits opportunities for the operation of enterprises, especially regulated enterprises “, while many” unregulated or weakly regulated “exchanges”And“ brokers ”” entered the market to fill the gap.

ErisX believes that launch “Standardized, CFTC regulated product on the basis of a reliable trading and custody “infrastructure will have a positive impact on Ethereum, since on this the market will be able to enter a wider range of participants, more diverse temporary horizons for transparent pricing, more reliable and liquid markets, and the owners assets will be able to get access to improved tools for risk management.

ErisX responded to CFTC's request for information on ...

Formerly Securities and Exchange Commission USA (SEC) stated, what does not consider ether to be a security, but CFTC from announcement his positions on cryptocurrencies until abstains.