Ethereum 2.0 testnet attracted over 63,000 validators …

Ethereum 2.0 testnet attracted over 63,000 validators and 2 million ETH

Over 63 000 active validators take part in the test networks Ethereum 2.0 called Medalla. Total they are provided almost 2 million test ETH for obtaining the appropriate powers, according to the data of the blockchain observer Everything this indicates a significant interest of the participants community to the upcoming update.

Ethereum 2.0 testnet attracted over 63,000 validators ...

Ethereum 2.0 promises to dramatically increase bandwidth blockchainfrom current 14 transactions per second up to more than 100,000. The existing restrictions caused a sharp rise in fees during the last months. From time to time users were forced to pay $ 10 or more per processing transactions.

Training updates has been going on for more than four years. One of The main differences between Ethereum 2.0 and the network used today will be the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. According to the developers, the launch of the update can to be carried out in November of this of the year. IN then the same time, him complete deployment pending only by 2022.

“Zero phase – this test phase with real incentives before launching Eth2, ‚ÄĚdeveloper Afri Shedon wrote today.

By words by Prysmatic Labs developer Raoul Jordan, elaboration of functional features Ethereum 2.0 must be completed by October 15th. “On this stage we attach every effort to prepare good documentation, good custom experience, patching security holes and, in fact, getting ready for launch. ” stated is he.