Ethereum 2.0 testnet collapses again amid declining …

Ethereum 2.0 testnet collapses again amid falling validator participation to 1.5%

Medalla’s Testnet for the Upcoming Ethereum 2.0 Update Has Been Dropped for Thousand Epochs, and Validator Participation Dropped before 1.5%. For normal network performance, participation in 66% and higher is required. According to Trustnodes, Medalla could also fork.

Prysm developer Preston Van Loon suggests that the observed phenomenon can be due to the transition of users to the Zinken testnet launched in early this week to test phase zero deployment processes Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum 2.0 testnet collapsed again amid declining ...

“We had a successful dress rehearsal on the Zinken short-term testnet. Has come time return attention to Medalla. If you had a validator node in Medalla and disconnected please turn it on back. The network does not reach completion from the moment launch Zinken. We suspect this is happening due to Togo, what users left Medalla for Zinken. If You are not going return in Medalla, please make a voluntary exit so that your validators do not cause problems with participation “, – stated is he.

Violations of established requirements for validators in Medalla have no financial implications for their owners, so they may just ignore the call from the developers and destabilize the testnet further.

Simultaneously, the developers expect that after Ethereum 2.0 mainnet launch even more users will leave Medalla. Concerning they are are considering possibility launch of a new long-term test network, which will be work in parallel with the main.

Medalla itself can also be restored. it will approximately happen on November 3, when the system will cut the balances of inactive validators by half, thus forcing depriving their the respective powers.