Ethereum Classic re-hit 51% attack with reorganization …

Ethereum Classic Re-Hit 51% With Over 4,000 Blocks Reorganized

Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency network hit by second 51% attack per the last five days.

On her drew attention is the operator of the mining pool Ethermine, Bitfly. IN company confirmed that there was a reorganization at Block 10935622 more than 4000 blocks.

Damage from the previous attack was estimated by Bitquery analysts at $ 5.6 million. What amount could be spent re in time the second attack is still unknown. Amount of awards for added intruder blocks made up about $ 94 000.

Shortly before the publication of the notice Bitfly developers Ethereum Classic on Twitter recommended “everyone exchanges, mining pools and other ETC service providers significantly increase the number of confirmations for of all deposits and incoming transactions“.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in connection with the latest incident called on Ethereum Classic Developers Go on Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. “Even with a risk aversion this the jump seems less risky than giving it up. ” explained Buterin.

Stock exchange Binance also confirmed the second attack. is he was set by its warning system, automatically stopped input and output funds in cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Classic re-hit 51% attack with reorganization ...

Despite the negative for security networks events, the ETC rate over the past 24 hours fell by less than 1% to the dollar and by 4% to bitcoin.