Ethereum renews highs amid trading with LEEK and …

Ethereum renews highs amid trading with LEEK and launch of Casper testnet

Ethereum burst out of dominant trend and jumped above $ 900 in this Tuesday typing about $ 150 Total in 3 hours. Along with this, the trading volumes also increased: for the last day value exceeded $ 5 billion, and ETH for a short time again took the second position in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum renews highs amid trading with LEEK and ...

It is noteworthy that according to volume trades in the lead little-known Singaporean stock exchange Coinbene, which in the last 24 hours had to about 11% of trade Ethereum. It is no less curious that on this Ethereum exchange traded paired with token LEEK, which the used by the platform for conducting an ICO. Probably, traders buying LEEK during these hours buy Ethereum, than can the growth of both cryptocurrencies.

Another reason for sudden growth is increased confidence users in one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency updates: the Casper project, with the help of which Ethereum will be implemented a hybrid consensus mechanism Proof of Stake / Proof of Work, became yet one step closer to completion.

Recently Casper was launched on the testnet, which means that the technology has reached the stage of development when her creators may start detecting bugs in the experimental environment.

It is expected that testing Casper will last for several months, and the official release in the main networks Ethereum could take place already this summer and can be combined with the second part of the Metropolis update. Recall, that the first part of Metropolis called Byzantium was activated last October of the year.