EU to Tighten Penalties for Cybercrime with Cryptocurrencies European …

EU to toughen penalties for cybercrimes involving cryptocurrencies

European Commission intends to introduce new penalties per cybercrimes related to cryptocurrencies. About this writes CoinDesk.

EU to Tighten Penalties for Cybercrimes Using Cryptocurrencies European ...

In the published day before yesterday press release by the European executive authority union outlined its intention to present a new directive aimed at crimes in Networks, referring on recent ransomware attacks in the European Union and her outside. The plan includes the creation of a European Cybersecurity Agency, which in the future will take on the role of lead body in such initiatives..

According to the proposed plan, will be tightened penalties for cybercrimes, Tom including those related to the distribution of ransomware.

EU to Tighten Penalties for Cybercrime with Cryptocurrencies European ...

The Commission reports: “The proposed directive will expand opportunities law enforcement agencies in the fight against real a form of crime by expanding the classification of crimes associated with information systems to the level of all payment transactions, including transactions using virtual currencies “.

In the past, the EU has already shown interest in regulating cryptocurrency startups in his territory. It is expected that in the future the scope of regulation cryptocurrencies will expand beyond ransomware. In a separate document, which mentions “fraud in the field of cashless payments”, the EU says that the existing provisions do not apply to crimes involving cryptocurrencies.

“Existing rules, according to which activities in the field of cashless payments can be recognized illegal, were established by the framework decision Council 2001/413 / JHA from 2001 of the year. It became obvious that these rules more do not correspond to reality and do not allow to adequately resist new challenges related to virtual currencies and mobile payments “.