Facebook May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency – MediaSocial …

Facebook may release its own cryptocurrency – media

Social network Facebook can issue your own cryptocurrency, writes Cheddar portal with link on sources familiar with the situation.

“They are very serious,” one source said..

Facebook May Release Its Own Cryptocurrency - MediaSocial ...

Presumably, studying the issue of cryptocurrency will be dealt with by the blockchain-subdivision social networks, the formation of which recently reported head of Facebook Messenger David Marcus.

Previously, Markus held position President of the PayPal payment system, solutions which in the present time are used to make transfers between users messenger Facebook. He also is an member of the board of directors of the American cryptocurrency company Coinbase.

Facebook May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency - MediaSocial ...

Information on possible Facebook-powered cryptocurrency launch isn’t full of details, and Cheddar notes, what to implement the plan may go away the years.

“Like many other companies, Facebook is studying opportunities use of technology blockchain“, – stated spokesman for the social network. “Our new a small team explores different areas application technologies. So far we have nothing more to share “.

One of the sources reported, that for the implementation of the plan launch Facebook’s own digital currency will likely have to purchase one of the existing cryptocurrency startups. Together with themes, ICO for his Facebook does not plan to conduct a potential cryptocurrency.

In February, Markus stated that Facebook has no intention of integrating cryptocurrencies into any of its apps for the foreseeable future..

“Payments using cryptocurrencies now cost very expensive. TO to that the same they are very slow. Various communities around many blockchains and assets, must first decide everything problems and when they are their will decide, we may be that-then let’s do it, ”he said then.