FBI warns of fraudsters posing as employees …

FBI warns of scammers posing as tech support employees of cryptocurrency exchanges

On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned residents USA about Tom, that consumers should beware of scammers posing as cryptocurrency technical support exchanges.

Warning received of Internet Crime Reporting Center (IC3) at FBI – they are consider the current situation to be “problematic and pervasive fraud”. According to the Center, in 2017 year consumers submitted about 11 thousand complaints and stated about the loss more eleven million dollars due to fraudulent technical support scams.

According to a statement FBI, cryptocurrency investors everything more often become victims of fraudsters, and “the loss of one faces often several thousand dollars“.

The fraud looks like this: information about fake support staff is published on the Internet, after what their find potential victims, which just looking for such information. In time conversation, the fraudster asks the victim to transfer the cryptocurrency to a “temporary” wallet on period solutions Problems. As a result, translated funds never come back.

FBI warns of fraudsters posing as employees ...

“Fake staff support requests access to cryptocurrency the victim’s wallet, and then transfer their cryptocurrency to another wallet for temporary storage for the period of fixing problems, explains IC3. – Virtual currency is not returned to the victim, and the offender stops communicating with her “.

FBI warns of fraudsters posing as employees ...

Earlier it became known about Tom, that scammers use verified Twitter accounts to deception cryptocurrency investors.