Financier Fred Wilson Predicts “Massive Cryptocurrency Crash” Venture …

Financier Fred Wilson Predicts “Massive Cryptocurrency Crash”

Venture capitalist and co-founder Union Square Ventures thinks cryptocurrency crash is near, so he advises investors to prepare for the inevitable and diversify their portfolios.

In a new blog post, Wilson writes about his own experience in time the rise and fall of the dot-com bubble at the turn of the millennium, when many-company gained trust investors, and then collapsed, leaving investors with no than. He said that he then lost 90% of its assets, and only several successful real estate investments have kept him afloat. This experience served as a lesson for of all him subsequent investments, therefore, he advises making diversified portfolios, in which, in addition to cryptocurrencies will be several other assets.

Financier Fred Wilson Predicts 'Massive Cryptocurrency Crash' Venture ...

is he writes about talking to a friend, as a result whom they are came to the conclusion about the “inevitability of a grand crash” in the cryptocurrency space. However, he declares, that people should not stay away of this market.

“I wrote many times in this blog that people should keep a certain percentage of their investments in cryptocurrencies. Topics, who are young and who sincerely believe, I propose to invest up to 10% or even before 20%. I myself continue to believe in it and speak in favor of this point of view. “.

So way, Wilson does not offer to invest everything in cryptocurrencies, but he does not fully offer refuse from them. is he calls on approach investing wisely, based on your own bitter experience.

“I wish I did this in time of the internet boom. I did not do of this then, but I did it the next time we made a ton of money. I learned from my own mistakes. I share this story with you so that you do not repeat their“, – wrote is he.