Former CEO of Mt. Gox asks the court to drop all charges against him …

Former CEO of Mt. Gox asks the court to completely remove the fraud charges from him

Former director of the discontinued his Existence exchanges cryptocurrencies Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles appeals to the court to be completely released him from pursuing class action.

Gregory Greene remains the only plaintiff in a fraud and neglect case against Karpeles that was brought yet in 2014. Since then, charges of two of three points were removed. Last August, Karpeles failed achieve complete closing affairs. Then he stated that he, as a French citizen, was not subject to the jurisdiction of the American court.. is he also refused to provide the documents requested by the court, since he did not receive this resolution accusers in Japan as part of another case.

Former CEO of Mt. Gox asks the court to drop all charges against him ...

Now Karpeles states that Green’s claims due to inaccuracy posted on the Mt. Gox are unfounded. So, Green refers to the terms of use of the service, which were not published at the time he created his account. Besides Moreover, these claims were not in more early version of the claim.

“The court is facing a fairly obvious question: can whether plaintiff Gregory Greene nominate totally differing theories on basis new factual information for to back up fraud charges? Green tries to do then, which is directly prohibited by law: changing the basis of the charge, after Togo as defendant Mark Karpeles has filed a motion for solutions in a simplified manner “, – stated side of defense.

Karpeles also claims that Green was unable to reveal the violation of Mt. Gox rules when it didn’t to communicate clients about their own insolvency. The collapse of Mt. Gox in 2014 year brought to loss to creditors trade platforms in 850 000 BTC.