raised $ 64 million in a week and is scheduled to open … raised $ 64 million in a week and plans to open an IEO platform crypto exchange raised $ 64 million in cryptocurrencies in 7 days to create his own asset, writes CoinDesk. raised $ 64 million in a week and is scheduled to open ...

According to the exchange, for the last week it received applications for the purchase of Gate Points, which allow to reduce commissions for trading on the platform and give the right to receive Gate Token (GT), totaling $ 2.99 billion. Running networks Gatechain company expects to implement in the fourth quarter.

Mari Tachibu, Marketing Director of reported, that the exchange distributed 150 million GT to successful Gate Point buyers during the first phase of sales and raised $ 64 million in quality prepaid commission fees.

According to Tachib, is announcing its own platform this Wednesday. for conducting initial exchange offerings (IEO).

She also acknowledged, what in the present time users do not have opportunities track GT movements including 500 million tokens or half general emissions, which are subject to a lockdown for further research and development funding. Trade tokens GT Exchange intends run at the end of April, while the withdrawal of the asset is not will be available before when Gatechain was launched.

IN the present time conducts the second stage of distribution of tokens and prepaid commissions – until it is allowed users, being clients exchanges for a certain time. In a week company plans to collect yet $ 23 million.

UPD: Information on the site exchanges testifies to Tom, what bargaining GT paired with BTC and USDT will start on April 21 at 11:00 GMT.