Gemini has become the largest Bitcoin exchange to implement a full …

Gemini has become the largest Bitcoin exchange with full SegWit support

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange on this week announced on the implementation of “full” support for the Segregated Witness (SegWit) technology, designed for scaling the bitcoin blockchain.

While many exchanges in that or to some extent involved SegWit, Gemini case is an unique because it became the largest crypto-exchange, adding support for “native SegWit addresses”, allowing you to fully take advantage of the technology.

“Our choice in favor of native SegWit addresses was based on many factors, including preservation block spaces and security benefits. Growth application, support and acceptance of SegWit will allow reduce commissions, waiting time and workload networks“, – stated Gemini spokesman Caroline Vadino.

Implementing native SegWit addresses requires exchanges cryptocurrencies additional effort, therefore decision is not yet so widespread, but Gemini sees this technology as a groundwork for the future, in which network scalability bitcoin will continue to grow.

Transactions SegWit prepares the foundation for more advanced technologies, the most famous of which is the Lightning Network, ”added Vadino.

Integration of native SegWit addresses on Gemini users noticed yet month and a half back, but before of this monday stock exchange made no official announcements.

According to, the share of SegWit transactions in blockchain bitcoin in the present time is about 41% – the value remains relatively constant since the middle of the past of the year.

Gemini has become the largest Bitcoin exchange to implement a full ...

In December, Gemini held listing Bitcoin Cash courtesy of the NYS Department of Financial Services.