Google Is Developing Its Own Blockchain Solution For Cloud …

Google develops its own blockchain solution for cloud services – media

Google is developing its own decision based on distributed ledger technology, which can be used in cloud services company and will help it stand out from competitors using the won last thing time popularity of technology. About this writes Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

By their words, Google can use blockchain to ensure the security of data storage their clients, using the company’s cloud services.

Google Is Developing Its Own Blockchain Solution For Cloud ...

Besides Togo, Google is developing its own distributed ledger that can be used by third parties for dispatch and verification transactions, reported one of the sources. Products Launch Date on the blockchain base is not named.

Several people in Google’s cloud services division have focused their efforts on blockchain-minutes in recent months, another source said, who asked not to be named as the company was not ready to make an official announcement just yet. Google spokesman declined to comment on the situation.

Internet giant actively buys and invests in startups operating in this space, in most cases not informing about transactions to the general public, added one of sources. Topics however, available information on Alphabet investments in blockchain startups allowed company take first place among corporate investors by this indicator in the past year, overtaking Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, according to analysis by CB Insights.