Havven will launch nUSD stablecoin on EOS blockchainBlockchain startup …

Havven will launch nUSD stablecoin on EOS blockchain

Blockchain startup Havven focused on development decisions for cross-blockchain payments, announced their integration plans already developed by him stablecoin in network EOS. About this writes CoinDesk.

The Australian project said Wednesday that it expects run your stablecoin or stable cryptocurrency nUSD on EOS until the end of the year, after Togo as presented tied to dollar USA token for users Ethereum blockchain in June.

The developers explained that their the goal is not to carry nUSD out of Ethereum in EOS, and the release of two separate “cross-blockchain stablecoins “.

On at the current stage, cryptocurrencies continue to experience their formation, so now it is difficult to say which of blockchains will be able to scale “, – stated Havven founder Kane Warwick. “By this reason it is important that projects that provide infrastructure for blockchains focused on cross-chain compatibility. In this case, their success is not will be depend from the success of the chosen chain “.

Usually stablecoins adjust their supply in order to maintain the exchange rate against their base currency. in time movements market and thus provide business with a tool that allows him to implement a number new scenarios using the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

For example, stablecoin developer MakerDAO cooperates with Tradeshift, a logistics service provider, so that small company could make fast payments using the Ethereum it issued on the blockchain token DAI.

Havven will launch nUSD stablecoin on EOS blockchainBlockchain startup ...

Havven Initiative followed behind the highly anticipated EOS mainnet launch, which the took place in June.

Formerly tech giant IBM reported, that is developing its own stablecoin together with the Stronghold startup based on the Stellar blockchain.