Joe Rogan: I’m not a skeptic, but I don’t invest in bitcoin

Joe Rogan: I’m not a skeptic, but I don’t invest in bitcoin

American comedian and commentator Joe Rogan spoke with former CIA officer Mike Baker during the recent podcast “Joe Rogan Experience” themes US-Iranian conflict, China, privacy and safety.

how noted Rogan, Agency national Security (NSA) is active in collecting personal data of citizens. In response, Baker stated that a greater threat as surveillance tools for users represent Amazon, Google and Samsung TV, which have virtually uncontrolled access to living spaces.

“I get nervous when I hear about companies like Facebook thinking about launching their own cryptocurrencies… I am not a skeptic, but I don’t invest either, ”Rogan said, switching to Bitcoin..

The host mentioned that he communicated with active bitcoin supporter Andreas Antonopoulos, and called him “a very, very smart and brilliant guy” who in every possible way advocates the spread of cryptocurrency among the masses.

Joe Rogan: I'm not a skeptic, but I don't invest in bitcoin

“But he went for broke. He conducts settlement operations in bitcoin, pays for rent in bitcoin, gets payment in bitcoin, for him everything is in bitcoin. AND him loved in the bitcoin community, added Rogan. – But I’m done the same I don’t completely understand why they need so many cryptocurrencies “.

Baker noted that, too, hardly whether understands bitcoin, emphasizing when this, that he did not try to deal with him at the proper level.

“You can’t,” Rogan said. – Not time, to think about everything. Therefore, I leave the situation to chance. I’ll just relax for now, and when everyone starts saying “Look, bitcoin is this just like money “, then yes but before since then I’m on the sidelines. They are for several years they say that he will be like money but of this never happened. But what-then you can buy for bitcoin. there is company, which sell computers for bitcoin “.

Baker, in his turn, reported, who prefers to invest in gold. “For him always killed “, – added the ex-CIA officer.