Kyber Network Launches Public Beta Test of Decentralized …

Kyber Network Launches Public Beta Test of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Kyber Network cryptocurrency project developing decisions for instant exchange and conversion of digital assets, announced the launch of a public beta test of its decentralized trade platforms. Information about it was posted on the startup blog.

Up to this day access to exchange had a limited number of users, addresses which were included in the “white list”. it allowed project to eliminate possible bugs while keeping this a high degree of control over the platform.

“The test period continued about months and ended with a huge success. After receiving a lot of feedback and making improvements, we are ready to present the platform to the public “, – writes Kyber Network.

The launch of the platform will take place today at 11:00 Moscow time. Developers pay attention to then, what project located in the test phase, and some him the elements need work, and urge users share by their impressions of using the platform.

IN present time The Kyber Network decentralized exchange supports the following digital assets: Ethereum, KyberNetwork, OmiseGO, Eos, Status, Aelf, Power Ledger, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, Request, Gifto, Raiden, AppCoins, Enigma, Salt and Ethos.

Kyber Network Launches Public Beta Test of Decentralized ...

Kyber Network like 0x and some other projects, engaged in development of solutions for decentralized exchange cryptocurrencies, but, in contrast from them, commits everything actions in blockchain and uses a dynamic spare pool for securing liquidity.