London Stock Exchange has assigned 169 barcodes to cryptocurrencies …

London Stock Exchange assigns barcodes to 169 crypto assets

London Stock Group exchanges (LSEG) appropriated barcodes 169 digital assets. They are are similar themes, what are applied to the commercially available goods.

Designations were added to the SEDOL Masterfile service, which is a global database of unique identifiers for financial instruments. Proprietary barcodes have received digital currencies such as bitcoin, “Digital platforms” used to issue a variety of assets, such as Ethereum, as well as digital securities on blockchain.

The seven-digit alphanumeric code will help customers track per assets on various stages of transaction execution. Innovation became the answer on the increased interest of customers in this asset class, LSEG noted.

“Natural way with the gradual institutionalization of digital assets, a number of our clients started investing in this space so we felt it was now suitable time to add their in SEDOL “, – said the head of decisions for work with LSEG data James Nevin, noting that the assignment of a code does not imply recognition of the status Togo or other asset.

London Stock Exchange has assigned 169 barcodes to cryptocurrencies ...

SEDOL Masterfile database used by members market to define different asset classes, including stocks, bonds and exchange-traded derivatives. It was established 30 years ago and in the present time contains over 100 million securities in circulation in all over the world. Of them about 20 million are active.

Over the development of a selection process cryptocurrencies for SEDOL, the exchange worked with company Digital Asset Research for three years. Usually the clients themselves may add a security to SEDOL, but such possibility for digital assets is not yet provided, since the value of many of them is all yet is in doubt, stated in LSEG.