Mark Karpeles intends to appeal against the data falsification charge …

Mark Karpeles intends to appeal the allegation of data falsification of Mt. Gox

Former head of the ceased his Existence bitcoinexchanges Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles plans to appeal accusation in data manipulation, reports Associated Press.

According to edition, Karpeles stated, what he will be appeal against this month decision, because the Tokyo court not accepted in Attention everything defense arguments.

“At the beginning of the proceedings in 2017 year I swore innocence on all charges. I believe that it would be appropriate to appeal the decision so that I can again appear before the court and get all the available facts to be considered, ”said is he.

Also today the Mainichi portal with referring to anonymous sources wrote that the prosecution decided not achieve review of the Karpeles case, despite then that the court refused convict him of embezzlement funds clients. Prosecutors originally requested for the ex-CEO Mt. Gox 10 years in prison, but the court gave him a two and a half year suspended sentence.

Karpeles lawyer Nobuyasu Ogata reported, that he considers acquitting his client under some articles “the right decision.” He also claims that this Karpeles became “real a victim“And tried to reduce the damage to the exchange after hacking, therefore him actions cannot be considered illegal.

It was revealed last week that the trustee of Mt. Gox Nobuaki Kobayashi completed consideration of the applications of the exchange’s creditors and preparing to start paying the funds due to them.

Mark Karpeles intends to appeal against the data falsification charge ...