Marvel may oppose registration of the “Wacoinda” trademark …

Marvel May Oppose Cryptocurrency Company Registration of “Wacoinda” Trademark

American publisher Marvel comics until he did not decide, will be whether is he mind against the use by a cryptocurrency startup of the name of the fictitious country of Wakanda, which appears in the Black Panther film.

Marvel Characters Appeals to Patent and Trademark Office USA, to extend time on Adoption decisions on the admissibility of registration of the trademarks “Wakanda Wine Fest” and “Wacoinda”, writes CoinDesk.

Applications on registered these trademarks company Wilsondom LLC intending run financial and educational services in the field cryptocurrencies, according to information in the Justia registry.

In particular, commodity Wacoinda mark can be used in initiatives to improve financial literacy and financial inclusion in the African American community.

Marvel may oppose registration of the “Wacoinda” trademark ...

The company has filed an application for registration of the trademark “Wacoinda” yet in February, but Marvel Characters, according to public documents, applied to the department only last week. Now up to 14 November she needs decide, wants whether it object to Wilsondom’s application.

However, Wacoinda was not the only cryptocurrency project to make dispatch to “Black Panther”. In June, singer Akon reported about creating cryptocurrencies Akoin, which will be used in “non-imagined Wakanda” – a city that already is being built on 800 hectares of land donated to the singer by Senegalese President Maki Sall.