Microsoft and JPMorgan will integrate their own projects …

Microsoft and JPMorgan will integrate their own blockchain projects

Microsoft technology corporation and JPMorgan financial holding announced the beginning of cooperation aimed at integrating blockchain initiatives they develop.

Quorum blockchain, over creating whom JPMorgan in operation for four years, will be the first distributed ledger, accessible for users Azure Blockchain service. As part of the deal, Microsoft will provide “engineering security, advice and support in bringing the platform to the market “.

Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Cloud Services stated, that “the choice of Quorum was natural because is he based on popular protocol Ethereum“.

He also noted, that their corporate clients Microsoft will provide possibility carry out “confidential transactions“, While time how “Quorum customers like Starbucks and Louis Vuitton” can take advantage of the benefits of the Azure service and engage in blockchain development in the cloud without the need to allocate large budgets.

By words Russinovich, Azure will scale up in the coming months his proposals by “including digital governance tokens, improved integration applications and support for Corda Enterprise from R3 “.

Microsoft and JPMorgan will integrate their own projects ...

With help new cooperation company will try meet the needs of corporate clients, developers and suppliers decisions, related to applications in the field blockchain.

In April, Microsoft teamed up with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance launched project aimed at standardizing release cryptocurrency corporate tokens.